• Modern In-Space Propulsion

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    What We Do

    Tesseract designs and builds spacecraft propulsion hardware. We supply off the shelf thrusters, which may be purchased individually, integrated into multi-thruster modules, or incorporated into a complete turn-key propulsion system as required.


    If you have unique requirements for your application, we can also supply custom design services and manufacturing.

    Safer, Low-Toxicity Propulsion

    We are committed to green propulsion. We firmly believe that high toxicity heritage propellants have no place in modern systems.

    Cost Consciousness

    We are focused on supplying products made with modern materials and manufacturing methods to control cost and provide maximum value to our customers.

    Quality and Reliability

    We understand that lowering the cost of mission critical hardware is meaningless unless the hardware works. We are committed to maintaining the high level of quality and reliability required of flight qualified aerospace hardware.

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    If you are an accredited investor per SEC Regulation D Rule 501 please use the below Contact Us form. If you do not meet these requirements, we are unable to take investment at this time.

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